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How much does a website cost?

The unfortunate truth is "it depends." There are lots of factors that go into the cost of developing a website. How many pages are there? Who is writing the copy? Are there any complex tables? How many web forms? Will there need to be any marketing automation built in? Are there any custom applications that must be built? Will custom photography be required? Will the site need to be integrated with any third party applications? The list goes on and on.

Unless we know the answers to these and many more questions, it's virtually impossible to estimate the cost of development. We recently quoted a 45-page website at $22,000. We estimated it would take 170 hours to build it, all in.

A competitor quoted the same site for $4,500. The interesting thing is the competitor didn't itemize the number of pages to be built, the amount of copywriting to be done, any SEO work that might be included, any redirects that would point old pages to new pages, any photos or illustrations that needed be be located and remastered, any web forms that would need to be built or how many fields would be on those forms, any marketing automation that would be included on the backend, etc.

The bottom line is, this competitor either didn't know what they were doing, or they did and they just didn't tell the customer how little they were planning on doing.

We're not the least expensive web design firm out there, nor are we the most expensive. But at least with us you'll know exactly what we're going to build and the quality that you can expect when we deliver it. If you're getting quoted ridiculously low prices for a website, be sure to look under the hood, first. It's very likely that you're not getting quoted for everything you'll need and you'll be charged for add-ons later. Either that or the work will be done in a third world country. Neither situation will end well.

How much experience to you have building websites for assessors' offices?

We've been in business since 2001, and during that time we've built well over 1,500 websites and dozens of custom mobile and web applications. We've made the Inc 5000 three times as one of the fastest growing companies in the US. Recently, we've decided to narrow our focus a bit and specialize in select industries. Assessors offices happens to be one of those niches we've chosen.

Where are your websites hosted and how secure are they?

We host our sites with WP Engine on their top-tier servers using their highest level of security.

What content management system are you using for the websites you build?

For almost 20 years, we built sites on our own proprietary content management system. Four years ago, we switched our operation to build exclusively on the WordPress platform. In September of 2021, we shut down our proprietary system entirely and moved all of our clients to WordPress.