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We MaKe It Easy

Keeping your constituents informed shouldn't be a hassle 

Even if you experience internal turnover, we make maintaining your website ridiculously easy.

Launch your new site in days, not months

Newly elected to office and need a new website? We can build a professional, custom website designed specifically for you in as little as 7 days.

Integrate with third party applications

Using GIS Maps or Property Search tools from third party providers? We can easily integrate those applications into your website.

Update your site in seconds

You can easily make changes and additions to your website yourself, or we can make the changes for you. It's all included in your monthly service agreement.

how it works

What to expect

Get a new, professionally-designed website in 3 easy steps:


Tell Us Your Vision

in a 45-minute strategy call.

Share your thoughts and uncover new ways to streamline and simplify your digital communication strategy.


Review the Plan

to implement your vision.

Review the blueprint for serving your constituents and cementing your value as their assessor.


Leave the Rest to Us

while we build your new site.

Watch the blueprint for implementing your plan come to life in a matter of days, not months.

Our services

Websites built specifically for Assessors

The ideal way to reduce inbound calls that tie up staff members.

Personalized design

We design websites that present you as professional and personable rather than adversarial.

Safe and secure

With our advanced intrusion detection system, attacks are shut down before they become an issue.

Rapid development

We can build and deploy your new site as quickly as you need; whether that's one week or three months.

Easy maintenance

No matter how many updates you need to make or how frequently, you can do them in a couple of clicks.

US-based support

During normal business hours, we've got people ready to help you fix almost any issue in minutes.

Web-based training

We offer personal training, as well as an online training portal, so you can get the answers you need instantly.

Our reputation

You'll be in good company

Here are some of the many assessors we've helped improve their communication
and positive image within their community.

the choice is yours

How Assessor Websites by Bizzuka stack up to other options

option one

Build Your Website Using Your Own Time and Personnel

  • Mistaken perception that it is the least expensive option
  • Costs are hidden in payroll
  • Can result in inefficient use of valuable internal personnel
  • Can take months with an unskilled person
  • Typically results in poor design and performance issues
  • Poor user experience translates to poor reflection on Assessor
  • Lack of experience can lead to significant security risks
  • Most likely to draw complaints and even lawsuits for failing ADA compliance
option two

Get a Cookie-Cutter Site From Your Software Vendor

  • Can be built relatively quickly, because of the one-size-fits-all approach
  • Designs are typically outdated and don't present the assessor in the best light
  • Websites are built by programmers rather than by designers who are specifically trained in creating a good user experience
  • Poor user experiences result in a poor reflection on the assessor's office
  • Cookie-cutter sites are typically not ADA compliant
option THREE

Create a Professional, Custom Assessor Website from Bizzuka

  • Professionally-designed to provide a great user experience
  • Designed to enhance the visibility and reputation of the Assessor
  • Built by designers schooled in responsive design and usability
  • Integrates easily with third party mapping and database providers
  • Hosted on web servers optimized for speed and security
  • Can be designed and launched in as little as 7 days
  • Delivered ADA compliant

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